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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ford Lavishly Promotes Licentiousness

Ford Motor Company continues to support the homosexual agenda despite a steady drop in sales and the price of their stock. The latest Ford support for the homosexual lifestyle came in the July 4 issue of The Advocate, a homosexual magazine. Ford placed two full page ads in the publication featuring all their brands of automobiles, just as they did the previous month. This issue promoted Lambda Legal, a homosexual organization pushing the homosexual agenda in the courts. Lambda has been at the forefront:
*in promoting homosexual marriage
*in changing birth certificates for people having sex-change operations
*allowing homosexuals to adopt foster children
*striking state sodomy laws
*forcing schools to allow homosexual student clubs
*forcing Boy Scouts to accept homosexual adult leaders
Ford has repeatedly said that they will not stop funding the homosexual groups.

Ford has been very generous in their support of the homosexual agenda, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fund GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, Chicago Motor City Pride, The Advocate, Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center, Out magazine, GLOBE, Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Lesbian & Gay MBA Conference, Reaching Out MBA Conference, PFLAG, GLSEN, Lambda Legal, National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Witeck-Combs, Michigan Gay Pride March, Gaywork.com and many other homosexual groups, events and publications.

Tom Addis, Chairman of Ford's National Dealer Council, explained in a letter to dealers Ford's policy of supporting homosexual publications: "Ford Motor Company advertises in publications that are aimed at various affinity groups. Among them are boaters, hikers, fishermen, campers, ranchers, gardeners, contractors, several ethic and cultural groups and yes, alternative lifestyles." Mr. Addis refused to use the term "homosexual," using the homosexual preferred "alternative lifestyle."

The boycott is having an impact. Ford sales dropped 5% in March, 7% in April, 2% in May and 6.8% in June. Their stock has dropped 13% since we began the boycott. AFA has learned that Ford has scheduled a meeting for Ford regional managers July 16 & 17 to discuss how to deal with the boycott.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
So tell me, what "danger" does a homosexual pose to your existance or your family?

Please cite examples.

P.S. - there is NO Homosexual "agenda".
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