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Monday, July 03, 2006

The House of Representatives have moved on several pro-family, American values bills reports the Family Research Council. Included in this are the following:
Todd Akin's (R-MO) Pledge Protection Act (HR 2389),
Roscoe Bartlett's (R-MO) Freedom to Display the American Flag Act (HR 42),
John Hostettler's (R-Ind.) Public Expression of Religion Act (PERA, HR 2679),
Marilyn Musgrave's (R-CO) Marriage Protection Amendment (HJRes 88),
Chris Smith's (R-NJ) Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act (HR 346),
Jim Leach (R-Iowa) and Bob Goodlatte's (R-Va.) Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, Dave Weldon's (R-FL) Human Cloning Prohibition Act,
Rep. Leigh Terry's (R-NE) Permanent Tax Relief for Families,
and Bobby Jindal's (R-LA) Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act (H.R. 5013).
This is not quite a victory, but its a good start.

Linked: The Stem-Cell Blog. Thanks.

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