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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I agree with Democrats--just this once

So the Wash. Times comes out talking about how the conservative base is excited about the 'values votes' that have been occuring in Congress:
The Republican base is being rejuvenated...by a flurry of congressional action on "values" issues such as marriage safeguards, flag protection and abortion restrictions, as well as President Bush's veto last week of stem-cell legislation (source).
Speak for yourself. Marriage protection failed in both Republican controlled houses and embryonic stem cells passed--both downers. Flag protection, I mean really, how important is it in our world? And abortion restrictions, well, I suppose anyone could pass an abortion restriction if you made it exclusive enough; ie., a bill that makes it illegal to move three states away, jump four times, and skip like a fairy to the abortion clinic.

So, the democrats respond:
"Democrats, however, note that nationwide polls show the top concerns of Americans are the war in Iraq, terrorism, immigration, the economy and gas prices (source)."
If Republicans want to make this social conservative happy, succeed in passing conservative legislation, pass solutions to America's toughest problems. Work for your money and get things done. Unfortunately, significance in their recent actions is hard to find.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
And we wonder why the left has already declared a victory come Nov' 06.

Legislating morality is NOT on the minds of Americans, just on the President and Congressmen with an (R) next to their name and a hand in the pockets of the church lobbyists.
hmm...you think?
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