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Friday, July 07, 2006

Initiative One: National Learners Association

For each government school constituency there is a representative group—except students. The National Education Association (NEA) represents teachers, administrators and champions the far left agenda. The National Parent-Teacher Association has been influenced too much by the NEA and has swayed decidedly liberal. My only question (ht: JackLewis) is who represents the students?

American students are stupid because the “professionals” have failed. Parental, the professional’s first pointed finger (trust me, I’ve been there), help is always nice and adds tremendous benefit to the experience; but it’s not necessary. My mom never sat down with me to do my homework and I’m doing mighty fine. The second finger is pointed to government; legislators haven’t given us enough money to do our jobs; the truth is that education budgets have doubled in the past 6 years. With their low standards, professionals have failed America future—it’s children.

Who represents the learners? Who is in the classroom making sure teachers are doing their job every minute, making sure tests are hard, and that students are actually learning? The answer on both accounts is, “no one.” Therefore, I’m recommending the National Learners Association (NLA).

The NLA is an association made up of grandparents and retired folk who understand the importance of hard work and the lack of it in our students and teachers. They receive a small stipend paid by the parent-teacher association (heck, PTA folk are already paying their social security—what’s a few more dollars?). While offering the gentle compassion of grandparents, they see through excuses, demand high standards, and can give a good butt-whoopin’ when necessary. They also have the freedom from political pressures and need for job security, and gall, to instruct the teacher on what he/she should and should not be teaching; I can hear my grandma now, “I don’t know why you’re teaching that! They didn’t teach me that and I did just fine.” Finally, the NLA offers a bit of civil and values education to students who are completely disconnected from respect for themselves, property, and others.

The stick of grandparental love combined with their concern for the future is exactly what is needed in our government schools.

UPDATE ONE: It's kind of like the Minute Man project on the border, except in our schools.

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