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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is Religion Really Taking A Left Turn?

Here's the platform of the religious left: Fight poverty, Protect the environment, End the war in Iraq. Are they saying that the religious right doesn't care about the poor, the environment, and is kill-happy?

The left and right disagree on the solution to poverty, environment, and war. The left says that GOVERNMENT is the solution; More government social programs to feed the poor, more government regulations to curb pollution, and more appeasement of other countries. The right knows that bigger government means less financial and religious freedom; the freedoms upon which this country was founded.

The religious left is not really preaching a political message, they are preaching the message that the religious right is too morally conservative. The 'right' wants to end poverty AND stop homosexual marriage. The 'right' agrees that pollution AND abortion are both destructive.

The religious left has always existed; indeed, they may be increasing in size as our cultures concern toward the Bible's demand for holiness decreases in the name of tolerance. But, the 'right' is stubborn, they have bigger families, and will be around for a long time.

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