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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel Marching to War

A nation that has held endured the attacks of terrorists can be quiet for only so long. And, according to sources, Israel's next action is war. Should that happen, I know whose side I'll be on.

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
I agree. For years we have expended energy on duiplomacy, land for peace, withdrawal, walls, UN Intervention, etc. We are no closer today to a solution than we were when we started. Face it, Palestinians and Arabs believe there is no solution that includes the existence of Israel in that place. And the Arabs don't respect anyone who uses tactics of weakness. No the solution is the same one we used with the Japanese to end that war:
CRUSH the opposition in the most brutal manner possible. This is war! Wipe out all thoughts in the enemy's mind that they can compete on the battlefield.
It happens in the arena. You hear players say we need to jump on them early and hard. We need to drive any thought from their minds that they can win.
I will follow any General into battle who has that attitude, because I know the suffering will be over soon.
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