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Friday, July 07, 2006

Mexico: "Left" of the Border

I might be tempted to vote socialistically if I were a poor, uneducated voter living under the corrupt Mexican government with no hope for a future outside of the bohemoth to the north. When along comes a politician like AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador; the liberal) making promises about great social initiatives, it would definitely garner my attention. For a people with little or no hope of economic prosperity, I understand their mistaken notion that government can provide a better nation through social programs. Eugene Robinson's article highlights that this is what occured.

Here in the US, we are not hopeless; thus, the intellectually honest person can see through the lies of socialistic liberalism. It's one of the reasons that George W. Bush won two elections.

Luckily, in both the US and Mexico, the conservative won. The winners, however, appear to be responding differently to their close elections. Bush took his Supreme Court declared victory (with later recounts to validate), and lead no differently than if he had won a landslide over Walter Mondale in 1986. Calderón, Mexico's conservative, is erring however with his promise of adding AMLO to his cabinet when he consents to his loss. A dangerous, risky move that will probably not turn out for Mexico's benefit despite the close margin of loss. We will know soon enough.

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