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Monday, July 24, 2006

No Child Too Young (to teach about sex?)

Is there no age too young, no child too innocent to indoctrinate with homosexual propaganda? I get so angry at these activists who want to scar children with their alternative views of sexuality--come on, a 3 year old? It almost makes me want to cuss.
Children as young as three should be taught about same-sex relationships in a bid to stamp out homophobia in schools, it was claimed yesterday.

The National Union of Teachers, the country's largest teaching union, sparked outrage by demanding that nursery staff help to educate children about gay families. source
What does sexual preference have to do with the education of students? Come on! Nothing.

It's really a genius agenda of the homosexual activists. Destroy the consciences of children now so that when their parents try to teach right from wrong they rebel against them, "No mom, my teacher said that all sorts of families exist."

Who is going to take responsibility for a child's rebellion against their parents? Sure, implement your agenda; but homosexual activists going to adopt these confused children when they screw up their lives? Or, perhaps, when they say, "Oh, I'd like to try sex; I've heard about it since I was three. It can't be too bad," and get a disease? Is NTU, NEA, or PFLAG going to be there then?

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Man, you'll push just about anything...

I grew up with the understanding that we should accept people for who they are and not try to change people.

I was raised with the understanding that what other people do with their lives is none of my business.

I will also raise my children to understand that there is NO law set in stone that says different people cannot be happy or have a family.
Hi James,

You sound very tolerant.

We'll, I'm not. I'm not very tolerant when people start talking about sexual activity with my three year old. Gay is a sexual preference; why does my child need to know about it?

It is classic liberal tactics (which after looking at your blog am surprised you fall prey to); preach radical social change and forget about the consequences to actions.

Words have consequences. What they teach our children has consequences. Can't you see that?

Growing up in a culture that has preached tolerance, I understand how truth can sometimes be veiled. But, it's still there for those willing to accept it.
IMO homosexuals don't want tolerance, they already have that in many ways... they want acceptance.

The difference?

Anyone has the right to decide to live how ever they want and they can do whatever sexually they want within their own home and when I run across them as I go about doing what I have to do out in my everyday life I will treat them with the same decency and respect and good southern manners as any stranger I meet. They have every right to go to our Church and sit out in the audience to hear the word of God spoken (sinners need that)... Tolerance.

They do NOT have the right to go into my childs school try and teach my child that homosexuality is a valid lifestyle and that some people are born homosexual and it is okay if they (want to) decide they are homosexual.. they do NOT have the right to go into a Church that does not believe in their lifestyle choice and try to force that Church to 'marry' them, and they are not going to be welcomed into my home and private life nor are they going to be welcomed around my family.. Acceptance.

I consider myself a tolerant person based on the defnition of tolerance.. but I am not at all accepting of anyone that chooses to live within the homosexual lifestyle. Step in and try to force me to accept something like this into my life and my tolerance gets very short.

I have a three year old and I can tell ya'll three year olds don't NEED to know about sex at all.. homosexual or heterosexual.. right now all they need to see is that mommy and daddy love each other and leave the physical side for when they get older.

Everytime my husband hugs and kisses me, not sexually, but just out of love, I see my children watching and learning, THATS what they need to see. Of course now they holler "hugging time" and run over for a hug as well.

Just my two cents.
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