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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korea: What We Now Know--and Don't Know

For weeks, American's have speculated on North Korea's ability to launch a nuclear warhead onto American soil. Now we know that their missle program is a huge embarassing failure. The feared Taepodong quickly fell into the Sea of Japan moments after liftoff.

What we also now know is that the dictator is willing to provoke its neighbors without regard to consequences. After 7 missle launches within the past 24 hours, even China warns of severe economic sanctions further isoloating the impoverished, communist dictatorship. I'm predicting UN 'condemnation', a UN resolution, and that 7-party talks are not going to happen this week.

What we also know is that foreign policies of appeasement to nuclear terrorists don't work; thank you President Clinton for giving nuclear technology to North Korea. Anyone want to chat about our policy toward Iran?

Yet, we are left with several questions

1. How many missle's does Kim Jong Il think he can launch at our allies before America shows him the meaning the submission?

2. Now, with the alleged ability to shoot down these rockets, does he really want to risk open war with an attack that may not yield any results?

3. Could he be the pawn in a game of chess for some other, more powerful big-brother like China or Russia?

4. Or, is all of this just posturing escalation for greater appeasement in the long run?

I have no idea, but God help us all if we are provoked to unleash an arsenal of weapons.

Linked: Real Clear Politics. Thanks.

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