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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oregon Considers Tracking Citizens with GPS

In the name of taxes, Oregon is considering installing a GPS unit in cars and sending an invoice once per month based upon the number of miles traveled. By making every road a toll road, this socially liberal state wants to increase the power of government and intrude upon the lives of its citizens.

What's the danger? No more privacy. Bigger government means less individual freedom. Let's think of everyone who may be interested in your whereabouts on a daily basis: state and federal governments, local governments, insurance companies, politicians, marketing execs, creditors; how many thousands of people will have access to your whereabouts should this program be instituted nationwide?

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Do you want to see how quickly a state will empty of citizens? This is just plain nuts...
It would be nice if state laws were diversified enough to choose which kind of society we would want to live in.

Kind of a free market system for laws...

hmm...is that a next blog post? :) thanks.
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