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Friday, July 14, 2006

Vote for Poli Socon: America's Ideal Social Conservative

Poli is the ideal, fantasy candidate for which social conservatives are looking because she is a social conservative. She is not a SCINO (Social Conservative In Name Only); she has character and integrity. She is the salvation for the Republican Party and hopes to earn your vote. I'd vote for her.

Her platform is outlined below:

Poli is Pro-Life
This is a loaded expression, but let me break it down. Her premise is that life begins at conception and is valuable until death occurs through natural processes.

Social conservatives will never vote for a pro-abortion candidates--ever. Poli is has always been against abortion; however, she has given much thought to cases of rape, incest, life of the mother, and severe fetal abnormality. While she doesn't personally support an abortion in these cases, she believes the law should permit families to make this very difficult decision.

The abortion pill, called RU-486 or the morning after pill, is another form of abortion and is very possibly dangerous to the mother. Unfortunately under current law, it should be permitted but only after it has undergone further research to determine whether it has contributed to several deaths nationwide.

Partial-birth abortion must be made illegal; it is infanticide.

Citizens operating within the permissible legal guidelines in their given communities ought to be able to demonstrate their opinions in the public areas surrounding abortion clinics.

Biomedical Ethics
Poli supports full funding for stem cell research; she supports all ethical research including adult and umbilical cord stem cells which have already proven effective in treating 42 debilitating diseases. She does not support embryonic stem cell research which has resulted in no medical advances; embryonic stem cell research ends the life of another.

Poli does not support human and animal cloning; it should be made illegal in the United States.

Active euthanasia should be made illegal in the United States as it violates the controlled substances act and intentionally ends the life of another. It violates the trust that America has given to its medical professionals.

Passive Euthanasia (removing a medically dead or dying person from life-support) is a serious decision that should be made by the individual and their family.

Homosexual Rights
Poli is against any law that gives homosexuals the benefits of marriage; she will support initiatives that recognize marriage between one man and one woman. Poli is against any law that elevates homosexuality to a protected civil right.

Poli is against the indoctrination of the gay agenda in our schools; see 'education' for more about this.

Freedom of Speech and Decency
Poli believes in the freedom for an individual to dissent against the actions of its government or representative.

However, the freedom of speech has been abused. Poli does not believe that the founders viewed the freedom of speech as a blank check for pornography and obscenity. Therefore, its restriction is paramount to maintaining a society where healthy images of men, women, and sexuality is valued; not distorted through such communication. Poli believes that regulation should clearly address obscenity in books, magazines, television, internet, and radio; this regulation should be enforced when necessary.

Freedom of Religion
Congress should make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof. Federal, State, and Community entities should have the freedom to acknowledge, pay honor, or respect God OR not acknowledge, not pay honor, and not respect God. The power to change the practices of the individual entities is through voting--not through the courts. If the people in a given area do not like the manner in which the community honors the Creator, they can move or vote in people whom they believe will honor God in a way that pleases them.

Schools, churches, city councils, state houses, etc., should be able to pay honor to 'the Creator' under the Constitution without interference from Congress. Churches should have the freedom to worship according to their convictions without interference from government. Citizens should have the freedom to pray and speak publicly according to their consciences.

Our Elders
Poli strongly believes that we should honor our elders. Because families are the best unit to care for the needs of aging family members, we should pass laws that encourage families to care for them. This includes tax credits for anyone in the household over 75 similar to the child tax credit, and laws encouraging insurances to cover aging family members on their adult child's policy.

She believes we need to do away with the antiquated Social Security program and transform it into a revitalized program for the 21st century. This discussion must happen now and it must produce real results. She is interested in optional, personal retirement accounts but is willing to listen to better ideas that do not increase the burden on our workers and maintains the level of benefits for those at or near retirement.

Poli supports a limited government. She supports the idea that higher taxes is not the solution to our financial problems; the only way to solve our annual deficit and debt is to commit to a 10 year tax freeze (no increases or decreases), dramatically cut spending, and balance budgets, and pay off the national debt.

Poli believes that states are responsible for the education of its people--not the federal government; therefore she supports the idea of eliminating the department of education and phasing out the direct federal funding of education.

On the state level, she believes in high standards and direct accountability attached to funding. She believes in school choice through charter schools, vouchers, and other forms of parental choice as determined by the state legislators.

On the community level, she believes in education of the values of the community; she believes that schools should be able to teach those values that made America into the global icon for freedom including courage, faith in God, and freedom.

Social Programs
Poli believes that financial support of charities and non-profit organizations should occur at the personal level; not the federal level. The Federal government should not be sponsoring Planned Parenthood and other controversial programming through tax dollars.

Therefore, she supports the elimination of federal funding for all programs aimed at addressing community issues. This money instead should partly be contributed to the States to allow them to tackle their social problems, partly to the people in the form of tax cuts, and the rest to pay off the national debt.

States should actively address inner city including gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and other social problems by including, if they choose, funding faith-based organizations.

American Values
Poli believe that America is unique and as such we have both a responsibility to protect what we have been given and to promote freedom around the world. Therefore, she believes in the right of citizens to own and bear arms. She also believes that citizens have a responsibility to the nation to protect it from its enemies; therefore she encourages military enlistment for young men and women.

She believes in a strong national defense; that peace comes through the power of a civilized people. That peace is threatened when the people become uncivilized or the civilized become weak.

She believes in the active involvement of supporting freedom around the world, but not in a manner that jeopardizes the sovereignty of America. She believes that American troops should always be under the control of the America military and should never be tried by foreign and international courts.

She believes that war is a sometimes necessary, but always unfortunate, result of human depravity.

She believes that the UN is full of corrupt, anti-American countries and individuals; therefore, the US should consider pulling out of the UN, withholding financial support, or oversee its transformation.

Did I miss other issues important to SoCons? Would you vote for Poli Socon? What do you think? Respond on your blog (positively or negatively), and I'll link to you here.

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