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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

War on Proportionality

Eugene Robinson, in yesterdays's WaPo, argues that Israel's strategy for winning is a detriment to its cause because it is disproportionate; Richard Cohen's observation shows the extent to which Eugene lacks creativity,
"Just limiting the search to newspapers and magazines of the last week will turn up "more than 1,000 documents....It includes, of course, the United Nations and its secretary general, Kofi Annan. It also includes a whole bunch of European newspapers whose editorial pages call for Israel to respond [proportionally]"
Proportionality is weak-minded and detached from the reality of our struggle; it threatens our ability to win this war on terror.

Hizbollah, Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the other Islamofacists, are enemies of a peaceful Israel; and, they will not stop until she no longer exists. Let me assure Eugene and other proportionalists that tutoring Osama on the logical reasons for a cease fire is not going to work. Osama speaks one language, the language of power. Operating in an authoritarian culture, the only response that they will understand is overwhelming military might.

In this world wide conflict, half measures and proportionality belong to academic theory--not to the field of battle.

David Ignatius' most interesting column in the Washington Post reveals the potential compromises from a coming negotiated settlement. I was hopeful until I slowly realized what Ignatius states, "Hezbollah's military power would be severely degraded under such a negotiated settlement, but it would remain intact politically." To be sure, we will be fighting this battle in the future once Hezbollah has rearmed (in fact, CSM says we are doing just this now).

This is our chance to win; if we choose not to accept this high calling it will be because we did not understand the challenge or we were unwilling to sacrifice for our progeny. The former may be closer to reality than the latter, though I fear both. I join with Tony Blankley in calling for high profile hearings in all branches of government and a coordinated public relations campaign until Americans and the West realize that we are fighting in a battle for civilization. We are fighting for our right to exist.

As long as terrorists remain committed to converting the world to Islamofacism by attacking Jews and Christains, why not use the overwhleming military might that we have? If we are to err, let's err to secure a peaceful future for our children through the use of force.

There is a peace that can only be found on the other side of war. In this war, peace can only be acheived through overwhelming military domination. Those advocating negotiation, half-measures, and proportionality hinder our apprehension of success. We must not fear the pursuit of victory; but we must apprehend it. Total victory is the only option worthy of pursuing.

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