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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Aren't Feelings Stupid

You are sitting in a theater watching a scary movie, when all of the sudden the serial murderer jumps out from behind the dumpster. You jump with fright and feel afraid even though you are perfectly safe in that theater and no one is going to attack you. Feelings are stupid. Feelings are stupid; you should have known better.

The point is this, feelings come and feelings go. You can neither trust them nor depend upon them staying the same. Feelings are great companions but lousy leaders.

Which brings me to Democrats:

War is an unfortunate, but often necessary, consequence of human depravity. I hate war and am truly glad that the Democrats (the ones who are sincere and are not pushing their anti-American propaganda) are making such a fuss against the War in Iraq. In a democracy, we need people to grow tired of wars because it forces us to be leery before committing to one.

But, the middle of war is the wrong time to give emotions and feelings the leadership position of national policy. War is bad, but feelings are stupid.

Democrats or Republicans who allow emotions to dominate their decisions should not be leading the nation. The abdication of rationality and forward thinking for our military strategy to defeat terrorist and win the War in Iraq will most definitely lead to a Middle East dominated by Islamofacism.

Emotions must be disciplined into submission. No matter how much we hate war and grow weary of it, leaving Iraq would be an emotion-driven, irrational decision that we the people must not tolerate. We need our politicians to be disciplined, master of their emotions, and leaders in times of national stress. While the people may be inclined toward emotionalism, the character of our nation’s leaders must inspire--not pander.

Feelings are too stupid to give them the power of setting national policy.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
"Which brings me to the Democrats."

That was funny.

Good post. As an "emotional girl", I appreciate feelings. They bring color to an otherwise black and white world. However, feelings should be viewed as servants to be subjugated to good sense.
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