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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bush Leadership Widely Favored

"If we look at President Bush's approval ratings over the last year, a period of time when his standing has supposedly plummeted, the results are actually rather consistent. In December 2005, Bush's approval rating stood at 45%, with disapproval at 54%. This was at the end of what Bush described in his State of the Union speech, correctly, as a pretty good year in Iraq. In Rasmussen's most recent survey, after a year of relentless bad news from Iraq, Bush scores 42% positive and 56% negative--a swing of a mere two to three points. (cite)"
This is a rather encouraging analysis. Indeed, the cut-and-run strategy of center-left republicans may not be the wisest.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
The main problem with your "encouraging analysis" is that you are about ten points too high!

His actual approval ratings are in the mid 30's across the board with his disapproval being in the mid-60s.

How can a 65% disapproval rating be called "widely favored." A little reality, please!

Also, you're guilty of bearing false witness when you call our strategy "cut and run".

No one is advocating for cut and run!
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