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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Democrat Ethics

Today, the House will likely pass a series of 'ethics reforms' meant to have the facade of integrity and openness. This, of course, is a hoax. Democratic ethics reforms is not based on a sense of "right and wrong" any more than it is based on 9th Commandment.

Instead, this is a selfish attempt at political gain. Today, regardless of the verbosity that C-span shows on TV, no one is going to jail for breaking House rules. The House can pass as many rules as they want but I guarantee you this, No Democrat in this House will receive negative publicity because of the new rules.

Here is the latest reading of ethic's reforms:
• Ban gifts and meals from lobbyists and organizations that hire them, and require members of Congress and their staffs to pay market price for tickets to sports and other entertainment events;• Ban members of Congress from accepting lobbyist-paid or arranged travel; No campaign or taxpayer money can be used to pay for travel on non-commercial, corporate jets;

• Require certification and pre-approval for travel that is paid for by groups that fall outside the lobbying restrictions;

• Make sure time is set aside to read a bill before a vote occurs and prevent members from holding votes open long enough to rally enough support for the bill to pass, a tactic used often by Republican Tom DeLay when he was House majority leader;

• Require earmarks disclosures and members to certify that such earmarks do not benefit themselves or their spouses. (here)
Number two is my favorite: Just who may I ask will be doing the "pre-approval? Might it be a member of the Democratic party? And, just as a side note, I think they need to run point 4 by Harry Reid in the Senate. His Nevada real estate deals, the ones that benefitted the law firm where his children work, were as crooked as anything Republicans have done in the past 40 years.

"Democrat Ethics," just the phrase is laughable.

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