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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ford Motor Reaps What it Sows

Isn't the irony of life beautiful? I'm speaking of the fact that on the same day that I get this message in my email:
On the January 16 episode of "Dirt," which airs on the FX channel, Ford helped sponsor one of the most explicit, sickening homosexual scenes ever shown on television (I don't have the heart to link to it).

Ford has made it extremely clear that they have no intentions of ending their support of homosexuality. Among other things, the company reneged on their agreement to remain neutral in the culture wars, increased their support of homosexual publications, sponsored TV programs pushing homosexuality and required employees to attend "diversity" training promoting homosexuality. For more information on Ford's track record, go to BoycottFord.com.
...the world gets this message about Ford:
Ford Motor posts massive losses for fourth quarter in 2006
Ford Motor is the second largest US based automaker and they have posted a fourth-quarter net loss of almost $5.8 billion. This comes to around $3.05 per share.

Ford Motor had a disastrous 2006 as they posted a full year loss of $12.7 billion. This is worse than losses suffered by the company in 1992. (cite)
Beautiful indeed. I wrote my strong letter of disguest to Ford's CEO here.

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