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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Huckabee Declares Presidential Intentions

Mike Huckabee declared this weekend that, "Over the past several months, there has been growing encouragement from conservative activists and leaders for me to become a candidate for President...The journey begins and I hope you'll be with me for every step of the way!" No one doubts that he would be better than the best democrat--and many of the Republican contenders; but I have some foundational concerns.

First, as Jon Stewart alludes to in this video, do his ideas create the opportunity for more government or less? Additionaly, this statement comes out of a townhall blog:
According to the Washington Post, the Arkansas governor, "championed tax increases for public schools, expanded state insurance programs for the children of the working poor and opposed banning state services for illegal immigrants."(cite)
His recent NRO interview includes this statement: "“[Huckabee] would be the kind of Republican who doesn’t scare the living daylights out of people who are in the center or slightly to the left.” (cite). Why not? Coupled with his book, what exactly are his intentions--not just the rhetoric--toward liberal views of government? Is it more of the same?

Also, John Hawkins has stated that he has closely aligned with Bush's immigration/amnesty plan--with which I have a real problem. From May, 2006:
`You can't ignore the breaking of a law, but you also should make laws realistic,'' said Huckabee, who described calls by some fellow Republicans to expel 12 million illegal aliens as unworkable.
What does that leave? Amnesty? A fine? As Newt Gingrich has said, if they have enough money to pay a fine, they have enough to get back to Mexico and back.

I do like Huckabee on issues of life, parental choice for education, and traditional marriage. I think he has promise and look forward to watching his campaign develop.

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