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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is Mitt or Mormonism on the Ballot?

One concern I have looking toward the Republican primaries is that, positively or negatively, Mormonism is going to be on trial. Even a simple Google News search for "Romney Mormon" yields 748 recent articles. So, I would like to announce to the masses of people visiting after their daily technorati search of "Mitt Romney," truth is not determined at the ballot box.

If Mitt wins, Mormonism is no more true or false. If Mitt loses, Mormonism is no more true or false. Sites like this, Evangelicals for Mitt" repulse me for this very reason.

If it were on the ballot, I would have the same problem with Mormonism that I have with Islam: they are non-falsifiable. By non-falsifiable, I mean that there is nothing you can do to prove an argument false because it has been stacked it in such a way that if you do not see it, you’ve proved the argument (insert forgotten citation here). It is dangerous to build a whole system on the basis of an un-falsifiable argument that somebody else has given to you. Yet this is exactly what both Islam and Mormonism do. Frankly, it amazes me that the theological distinctivenesses of Mormonism are built on the experiences of one man who was legally documented to lack integrity.

The purpose of external evidences is to arise at a plausible certitude. Plausible certitude is the place that given all the evidence, the consistency, the manner in which it answers the questions and addresses the real world, and fits with reality, I can acheive a level of confidence in belief and feel confident in acting upon that belief. (That was probably a run-on sentence....sorry.) The testimony of Joseph Smith found in the book of Mormon lacks this level of certitude.

Mormonism is not on the ballot. Were it, it would not get my vote. Now, the question that thinking Christians must answer is whether or not we can vote for someone who subscribes to a religion with such blatant philosophical problems. Do individuals who publically confess Mormonism expose their lack the intellectual capacity sufficiently as to relegate them as a non-contender for high public office? Indeed, this seems like an important question.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Insert citation indeed. How about the citation for "legally documented to lack integrity"? And how is that even possible?

This sounds like just another article from someone who has never met or had a real discussion with someone from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If he had, he would realize that saying that they lack "intellectual capacity" is not just offensive, it's wrong.
Should we question the "intellectual capacity" of those who believe in a Book in which it describes the following: a "single man" parting an entire sea and then leading others through the middle of it? A Man raising the dead and then rising from the dead himself, after which he ate a meal wth his followers?
You are going to start questioning the "intellectual capacity" of a great many people and start disqualifying many of them if this is the basis upon which decisions are made.

This is why it is called "Faith!"

"I don't blame anyone for not believing my history. If I had not experienced what I have, I could not have believed it myself." Joseph Smith

Smith didn't ask people to follow him blindly, he asked them to determine their faith for themselves. That emphasis on personal accountablity had great appeal to people then and now.
Video of interest:


Who hasn't had a great conversation with a Mormon Missionary. Is that even possible?


It isn't faith that I have a problem with it; it is an entire religious system built on the experiences of one man. Opposed to this is Christianity, whose main text, the Bible, was written over 4000 years, by over 45 authors, interacting with history, and all non-contradictory.

Thanks aaron
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