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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lewinsky Seeks Man; Cohen Rewrites History

Lewinsky wasn't an adulterer? She was the victim? And now Cohen hopes, as if he is somehow desiring, that she'll find a husband--a brave, strong, and admirable man.
She is a branded woman, not an adulterer but something even worse -- a girl toy, a trivial thing, a punch line. Yet she did what so many women at that age would do. She seduced (or so she thought) an older man. She fantasized that he would leave his wife for her. Here was her crime: She was a girl besotted. It happens even to Republicans.

But she is now a woman with a master's degree from a prestigious school and is going to be 34 come July. Her clock ticks, her life ebbs. Where is the man for her? Where is the guy brave enough, strong enough, admirable enough to take her as his wife, to suffer the slings and arrows of her outrageous fortune -- to say to the world (for it would be the entire world) that he loves this woman who will always be an asterisk in American history. I hope there is such a guy out there. It would be nice. It would be fair.
If Lewinsky was a victim, it is of the lies of liberal philosophy: do what feels good now and don't worry about the consequences. She fell victim to the lies of the age and now America is worse off because of it. Has she learned from it? Judging from her degree and thesis, probably not.

So I thought I'd try my hand at a nuptial advertisement for Lewinsky: 34 year old adulterer who ruins lives, families, and nations, seeks man who doesn't ask alot of questions about the past and likes to run (away from television cameras). Guaranteed a life in the spotlight and book income from a messy story (a couple bucks per month), this man...ok, I couldn't think of anything else befitting of this blog.

I'm really not trying to be mean; frankly, I don't care about Lewinsky. But Cohen's attempt to rewrite history is disgraceful, especially for a journalist from the Post.

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