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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mitt Romney Not for Conservative Voters

"Romney is known for flip-flopping and wavering on key social issues. Coinciding with his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Romney just recently declared himself a pro-life figure despite a history of inconsistent decisions in life issues" (cite)
Eloquently stated. Because of this lack of credibility, I will never vote for Mitt Romney--even if there are no other options. As a pro-choice governor through 2002, he endorsed the legalization of RU-486 (the morning after abortifacient) and forced Roman Catholic and other private hospitals in the state to offer emergency contraception to sexual assault victims, regardless of the hospital's moral position on the issue (cite). He has now couched his opposition to abortion in intellectually unsustainable terms, "Against it, but won't tamper with abortion laws." (cite)

As chief executive of Massechuttsess, he abdicated his role of defender of the State Constitution by allowing the judiciary to legislate from the bench. Despite precedent to the contrary, he executed a judicial opinion on homosexual marriage without input from the legislature. His decision to force homosexual marriage on the people aligns perfectly with his liberal views of homosexuality. Mitt Romney is responsible for the legalization of homosexual marriage in America.

In 1994, he stated that sexual orientation should not preclude someone from being a Boy Scout leader. In 2002, he raised homosexual preference to the level of marriage by supporting the extension of benefits to gay partners. Here is an abbreviated timeline of his homosexual support:
1994 Campaign vs. Ted Kennedy for U.S. Senate: Romney pledged he will provide more effective leadership than Kennedy on homosexual rights; endorsed by Log Cabin Republicans.
2000-2002: As head of Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, Romney banned Boy Scouts from participating.
2001 Called first citizens' petition to define marriage too extreme and bigoted because it banned civil unions.
2002 Campaign for Governor: Romney makes promises to GLBT community, according to leading Boston homosexual newspaper; endorsed by homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans(more here).
Romney catered to gays and lesbians saying that the homosexual community needed more support from the Republicans and that he himself would be more vigilant in fighting for gay rights than Democratic candidate, [Ted] Kennedy. Romney vowed to work for more acceptance in the military for homosexuals and for a federal non-discrimination law protecting homosexuals (cite).

Under his leadership and with his endorsement, his state pursued universal health care. He signed it into law. He also supported a bill that requires health insurance for every individual--that's right "required" punishable by fine.

Human Events listed Mitt Romney as the #8 RINO in America stating that he has said "I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country." Supports civil unions and stringent gun laws. After visiting Houston, he criticized the city's aesthetics, saying, "This is what happens when you don't have zoning."

Mitt Romney is almost as conservative as John McCain or Rudy Guiliani. I'm joining with other conservatives and pledging that I will never vote for Mitt Romney.

More great reading here: ESR.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Learn the facts about Romney:

Your timeline is a little off.

1. Romney never banned the BSA from the Olympics. This is a direct lie. The BSA denies it happened, the Olympics Deniied it happened and so does Romney. Romney sat on the BSA executive council for 8 years. THe story on the BSA and olympics was retracted.

2. Romney did fight for the FMA and testified before congress. Romney has also valiently faught the SJC in MA to stop gay marriages. Along with this he has imposed an old 1919 laws that outlaws marriages in MA being allowed in other states.

3. Bush was also endorsed by Log Cabin republicans.

4. Actually Romney vetoed the morning after pill.

Although it's convenient to think an elected official in MA should come in and clean house, it would not o very far. Romney has done more for conservative valuse than any other governor. I think if he really wanted the Gay marriage issue and abortion would have been much more liberal than it is today.

How about soe factual reporting rather than rehashing of distorted facts.

I always thought Christianint taught honesty, maybe not...
Jason is right. Facts have been distorted in this article above. Why the unfounded attacks? Must be an anti-Mormon thing..
"Unfounded attacks?" An "anti-Mormon thing?" Is that the best you've got?

How about you checking your facts -- or admitting your own dishonesty. I am one of those who have committed over a year of my life to stopping this outrageous liar of a poltician.

I have personally spoken to the journalist who reported on Romney's nasty attempt to exclude the Boy Scouts form the Olympics. Have you?

He had his facts right in his series of articles. Facts can't be retracted. More news for you: he's a Mormon.

With the subtlty of a bulldozer, Mitt Romney goes from one state to another making "donations" to non-profits and hiring "consultants who are in a position to expose his reccord. This is no secret. There are certainly Boy Scout officials and Olymics officials who will "retract" statement for a price. But why did they make the statements in the first place?

You also have no clue what you are talking about in your other points. Testifying before Congress was a calculated move for a presidential aspirant. It was nothing more than a stump speach for his future campaign, like all the other empty words and headfakes since he realized how easy it is to fool many social conservatives. Are you seriously gullible enough to think that merely tesifying before Congress proves something when your actions belie your words?

Testifying before Congress and jumping up and down and hyperventilating in defense of marriage is exactly what Romney had to do to distract attention from the state constitution that he trashed when he illegally imposed sodomy-based "marriage."

Have you read the eye-opening letter from 44 conservative leaders to Romney? I wrote it.

I happen to know that far more conservative leaders, lawuers, pundits and law professors agree with it's content than are on on the list of signers. Here it is:

Read it - every last word - and then answer the Articles it cites from the Massachusetts Constitution! Until you've done that you're just rooting and snorting.

Thanks for exposig Romney; he did indeed exlude Scout participation in SLC and a Scout official admitted it on tape. Sure, they now back away from that, but that's what happened. Meanwhile, the gay community -- just google -- were allowed to be heavily
represented. This is classis Romeny; act like a wacko and then deny it. He appointed gays to the bench, he issued state proclamations celebrating "gay pride" day in the publc schools; his funded an entire govt agency whose sole purpose was the promote the gay agenda in the public school; he raised millions in fees to balance the budget; he's for gun contol, he socialized health care in his state. Please don't drink the cool-aid and believe this guy's propaganda.
I'm amazed that the Romney supporters still try to twist his record when it comes to homosexual marriage. He ordered (under threat of being fired) city clerks to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals when the legislature was the only body legally allowed to do that. He changed "wife" and "husband" on the forms to "partnet one" and "partner two."

Sadly, the Romniacs will defend him to the very end, even though they don't have a leg to stand on. They've fallen for the looks and smooth demeanor, apparently.

Another great site to find the truth about Romney is www.ExposeMittRomney.com. I encourage anyone who's not afraid to see the truth to visit this site.
Now that Romney has withdrawn from the race, it is time to redouble our efforts to expose him. Romney will use his 250 or so delegates as a wedge at the convention to gain the VP position. We must do all in our power to see that this does not happen.
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