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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Christian Hatred

Salon's latest review is on a book titled, The holy blitz rolls on. It's a typical, I hate Christians type of book. The author, admittedly, is dealing with his personal demons with the church and takes it out by tearing down the character of others:
The son of a Presbyterian minister and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Hedges once planned to join the clergy himself. He speaks of the preachers he encountered while researching "American Fascists" as heretics, and he's appalled at their desecration of a faith he still cherishes, even if he no longer totally embraces it.
. I'm not very sure what the last two phrases mean. I cherish my wife and I embrace her; can I do one without the other?

The deficiency of haters like Hedges, is that he can't seem to grasp an authority higher than self. Christians claim that the Bible has authority over self. In failing to appreciate this, he tells the Christian right (along with Rod Parsley, James Dobson, Ken Blackwell--a random conglomerate) that the judgment of his (Hedges) "self" are more worthy than the judgement of their "self". As such, the Christian right is like Hitler.

Hedges real problem is with the Bible; he simply can't stand an authority higher than self. If he wanted to write a good book, he would show how his "Hitler-types" are supplanting Biblical authority for their own on key doctrinal areas. Instead he resorts to low-level thinking, name-calling, and fear mongering.

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