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Monday, January 01, 2007

My 2007 Political Prediction: A Do-Nothing Congress

What more could we possibly expect from the incoming majority party that ran on nothing, than nothing?

It's an enviable position. No expectations: no disappointments. If they ran on a platform like Newt's Contract with America, the American people might expect something from them. Americans might expect them to acheive solutions to America's biggest problems like immigration, social security, education.

The lack of accountability for our representatives is incredible. "Surely," you say, "they have some accountability?" Indeed, every two and six years they are accountable to the people. But, before thinking this is significant, answer this simple question, "What does your Representative do on the average day on Capitol Hill?" At least we know for certain what the first four days will be.

To be sure, they'll be doing something (more than parties) to justify their existence: they will run around looking busy. Grandstanding. Complaining, "the White House is broken." Spinning their wheels, but going nowhere.

Democrats have one goal for this session of Congress: win in 2008. How are they going to accomplish this? Provide no leadership on key issues. Don't risk being divisive on America's big problems. Answer no questions except those based upon the fickle opinion of the American public. All the while, doing...nothing.

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