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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

North America's Greatest Failure

The Birthrate needed to maintain the current population is just above 2 children per family. This ensures that we have enough children to maintain our civilization's quality of life. North America is failing:In a related story, a store in San Antonio, Texas is making babies to order. You like red hair, blue eyes, healthy lineage? You got it. The 'Abraham Center of Life' violates all moral and ethical standards ever created in the devaluation of baby creation.
"The creation of ‘designer embryos’ for sale to unrelated individuals is the commodification of human life for financial purposes by unscrupulous scientists and physicians. This activity is deemed unethical by all organizations who have addressed it, and is illegal in many developed countries. Human life is sacred and should never be bought or sold at any stage of development.”
So is this a case of having my cake and eating it too? Maybe, but I don't think so. Those who value children, love them regardless of their looks. Our greatest failure is that we don't value children (cite).

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