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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Political Brilliance of a Troop Surge

Tonight, President Bush will announce a military surge in Iraq of up to 20,000 soldiers. Now, the MSM is blowing this way out of proportion; a troop surge occured in every Iraqi election. The only difference is that these troops may stay a few months longer.

A troop surge is President Bush's most brilliant political move since entering office. He knows that, regardless of realitity, American's think we are losing in Iraq. The Democrats have continually played off the 'loser' fears of the American people. How many times have we heard sound clips of democrats say we are losing--a bazillion! Both the democrats and 'Americans' say the status quo is a losing strategy.

Americans don't think that pulling out of Iraq is a winner either, short-term or long-term. Democrats know this and have resisted (except for the placaters of the wacky base) appearing as though they do not support the troops.

When the status quo and the retreat are both losing strategies, what else is there to do but surge?

Yesterday, democrats couched their anti-Bush position against the troop surge via their spokesperson Ted Kennedy. The democrats are against the current policies and the surge. In 15 months, possible presidential candidates will be asked this question,
"In 2006 you stated that the military policies of the current administration are creating a quagmire in Iraq. You also stated that a troop surge was also a bad move. If you are not for a surge and you don't agree with the status quo, what are you going to do in Iraq?"
Cue the crickets.

What possible response could they give except retreat?--a position that American's will not accept. America will not accept the third option of the retreat and defeat candidate.

I think the democrats realize that this is a brilliant political move. Their spokesperson for the Anti-surge is Ted Kennedy. The only Senator who has nothing to lose and who will stay in Congress until through death doth he part.

There will be more to tonight's address to the nation than a troop surge, but this is all that you will hear about from the democrats. In playing these cards, they set themselves up for defeat. Beware, however, the response tomorrow will also be a key indicator of who the true maverick is in the democratic party. Watch for the democrat who supports the surge.

Anchoress has a great "For it before I was against it" post.

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