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Friday, January 12, 2007

Republican Candidates Reviewed

John Hawkins reviews the Republican contenders for the Presidency. It's another must read for the politically astute. But, then again, if you're politically astute you know most of it. I guess its more for people like me who wish they were creative enough to think of the good ideas the John Hawkins does daily.

Newt is a one man think-tank with a shady personal past; is he aiming for a VP position? Duncan Hunter has great, conservative, Reagan-nesk convictions. I like Huckabee; he's a quality values-voter governor. McCain is a arrogant. Guiliani is a liberal. Romney's worse--a politician; it's a disturbing video but he quickly responds. Brownback and Tancredo have an uphill battle to get postive exposure. Hagel and Patiki are worse than Hillary. Gilmore, who? Ron Paul, come on.

John's analysis is better.

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