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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolution's Realization

My wife, whom I love dearly, and I started a new schedule today all a part of our New Year's resolutions. My greatest need for growth, as I perceive it, is a disciplined lifestyle. So, we sat down together last night and planned out our week's scheduling template. Waking up, blogging, work, reading, exercise, and writing (and more), are all on this schedule. So far, so good.

The real issue behind resolutions is that we humans are not perfect, but we seek to be better. And, to put my college courses to work, that got me thinking philosophically. Where did this realization of imperfection come from; where do our definitions of 'better' come from? All of this points to a Creator for whom and from whom are all things.

As I perused the news this morning, I noticed something: this world has problems. People die, planes crash, ferries sink, things go wrong--all the while, there is sense that this isn't the way things ought to be. We weren't created for this world; this world, with its imperfections isn't worthy of the purpose for which we are created. And, that dear friend, is the honor that our Creator has bestowed upon us.

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