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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Salvation not found in Education

In South Africa, the number of rich and well-educated who have AIDS is increasing. "This could represent a whole new wave of the epidemic," says Carel van Aardt, director of UNISA's Bureau of Market Research. Sadly, the African continent is being ravaged by this deadly disease.

And what is the solution most frequently offerred? Education and free protection. But here is the paradox of this new movement of the AIDS virus: it's spreading among the rich and well-educated.

I believe in the value of education; it's changed my life dramatically. But whether it's gangs, immigrants, or those beind bars, education does not have the power to change our heart. Until heart's change, Africa will continue to be a nation ravaged with the results of human sinfulness.

Ultimately, our salvation is not found in education. It is found in the power of God changing making something better out of our heart.

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