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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Same-sex proponents to Destroy America: Example 214

The proponents of same-sex marriage want to destroy America. They care nothing for our heritage or the sacredness of law and order. Our latest example come to us from the Wisconsin State Journal.
State law requires such people to take an oath to support the state and federal constitutions, said Cindy Wick, executive assistant at Madison's Equal Opportunities Commission. On Tuesday, the City Council is expected to take up a proposal that would allow them to add to that oath that it was taken under protest and promise to "work to eliminate this section from the Constitution and work to prevent any discriminatory impacts from its application."
Council members plan to pick and choose which laws they will 'support and defend' and which they will not. If you'll remember, it's the legislative branches that make laws and the executive that enforces them. By refusing to enforce the mandates of law, this council has turned America into a nation of opinionated people instead of law. The destruction of America is their goal.

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