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Monday, January 08, 2007

Sometimes it's strange....

...how much John Hawkins and I agree. While I can't agree with all 21 points of his proposed 2008 Republican party agenda, he has about 90% of it right on. Hawkins is right, except where he's wrong:
13. I agree that control of legal immigration is necessary, but I am not sold that it needs to be reduced to the 250-400 range. In fact, I think we should encourage the 'brain drain' of other countries. We should welcome smart people to America--they make great neighbors.

19. A 'loser pays' legal system is totally wrong because it would discourage right people from doing the right thing just as much as it would do the opposite.
Personally, I would like to see a string's-attached foreign policy budgetary allocation point. Did that makes sense. This is the kind of policy that says, sure, we'll help starving children in Somolia when your Islamic militants give the government back to the people.

So, would the Republican Party tolerate a blogging Senator? or Representative? Probably not now, but maybe later. But, I wonder if bloggers would hear the same reaction as radio personalities, "I never thought he would ever look like that! Geesh." Maybe John should start posting a few pictures.

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