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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rudy: Like George Bush, Except when He's Not

Rudy appears to be taking the exact same positions as George W. Bush except on social issues. Is this a winning strategy? I doubt it. First, the only reason Bush has the popularity he does have, is because social conservatives has remained consistently supportive. The rest of the conservative party has abandoned Bush. But, there are other things.

Could you ever imagine George W. Bush saying, "I don't agree with myself 100%." I can't. While the President is noted for saying a variety of crazy things, hearing him say, "I don't agree with myself 100%," would floor me. This is what Rudy Guiliani said on Hannity & Combs and it seems as though he lacks internal character. But, it makes sense when you look at his other misstatements.

Rudy not only affronts the social conservative group, he mischaracterizes the pro-life folks by saying, "I hate [abortion]...however, I believe in a woman's right to choose. I think you have to ultimately not put a woman in jail for that." What! I don't know of any political position since my birth that wants to jail pregnant mothers who got stung in a backalley abortion crackdown.

Furthermore, in 1999 he made this statement:
“I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights,” Giuliani said. He was then asked whether he supports a ban on what critics call partial-birth abortions. “No, I have not supported that, and I don’t see my position on that changing,” he responded. Source: CNN.com, “Inside Politics” Dec 2, 1999
Then, on the videos below, he made this statement:
Partial birth abortion. I think that ban is going to be upheld. I think that ban is going to be upheld. I think it should be. I think as long as there is provision for the life of the mother...then that's something that should be done....If it doesn't have provision for the life of the mother then I wouldn't support the legislation."
In addition, Rudy obviously has too much faith in the courts. Where has he been for the last 30 years? He hesitated last night when Sean asked him about whether he would nominate justices like Scalia. Can you imagine him nominating the next Scalia--I don't think so. He did use words like 'strict constructionist' (which Scalia has not liked as a descriptor of justices, but is a popular among politicians). I just don't think Rudy has the character to be trusted on this issue of nominations to the Supreme Court.

He also said that he was for the 2nd amendment, except when he wasn't. He basically said, I could use restrictions on guns to lower crime. Hmmm.....

His comments on gay marriage were disturbing. In New York City, he elevated gay couples to the status of marriage through the domestic partnership law. No gay marriage, except where there should be.

Sean did a great job hitting some hard issues, just like Rudy's camp wanted. One of his questions posed to Rudy was George Will's seven minute question. Rudy, at this point and only this point, was believable. It's on the second clip.

Rudy is like George W. Bush on non-conservatives issues. He's like a Hillary on every other issue. Why does he gain any support from the Republican Party?

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
In NJ, we have the right to a civil union which has the same benefits as heterosexual couples who are married. Just because it's not called a "marriage" doesn't mean it's not. The courts can call it what they want, but the union between two people who love one another should be held as sacred.
Sounds like you're maybe a little sad that George only has a year and a half to go - ?
Democrats just don't get it do they? If we don't stay the course in Iraq, then Iran will come into the picture and take control of the oil in Iraq and then eventually the entire middle east. How are we supposed to fuel our cars if we don't have oil? I don't give a crap about global warming I need oil for my car. If we weren't meant to have most of the oil for ourselves than God wouldn't have given us nuclear weapons with which to use as incentive for other countries to realize that we are the big dog on planet Earth. It is one nation under God in this country and he wants us to have control of the world's oil. Instead you have idiots like Al Gore trying to scare us into giving up our SUV's just to protect the planet and I ask protect it for who? I will be gone by the time global warming starts anyway so why do I care about that? Furthermore, you have the social security issue. Why should I have to pay into social security for all these idiots working minimum wage when I know how to save and invest my own money. Just because these minimum wage idiots couldn't afford college isn't my fault. I went to college which is why I know that putting money into stocks and bonds is the way to go. Wake up America!!!
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