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Friday, February 02, 2007

Supreme Court to Address Establishment Clause

In an attempt to squelch the successes of faith-based social programming, the atheistic group, The Freedom from Religion Foundation will present their case to the Supreme court this month. This is the first real legal challenge to Bush's Office of Faith Based Initiatives and the first significant case regarding the Establishment Clause in years.

This will be great opportunity to hear the current justices philosophy regarding issues of religion, faith, and the non-existence of the "separation of church and state." One of the legal issues is whether or not 'concerned citizens' have legal standing as taxpayers; however, this case also could define and free some of the restrictions on the practice of faith in the public square.

My concern is that no government program can change behavior. Only a change of the heart, can change behavior. Changes of the heart don't come from government program. Government programs don't offer hope for a better life; only faith can do this in a person's life.

We should pray for this significant case.

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