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Monday, May 21, 2007

Conservative Leadership

It is the natural disposition of conservatives to disengage from political involvement. Disengagement is typical because political action demands a great sacrifice from the family—especially in today’s acerbic environment. According to conservative thought, it is from healthy families, the church, and community, where true solutions to America’s future lies.

This is where I have been the past many months: investing in family, community, and church. Along with a transition to a new job, my life has been enjoyably consumed. Now, I’m sensing that re-engagement is necessary.

When I look at the contenders for the republican nomination, I am uneasy. While I like the commitment to a strong national defense, American sovereignty in her own affairs, and fiscal conservatism, I also see husbands lacking integrity, missing traditional values, and no new ideas to support traditional institutions.

Reluctantly, now is the time for involvement. Out of a sense of necessity instead of desire, the time for reorganization and equipping has come. For however long it takes and with whatever strength I am granted, ideas that support the bedrock of social conservatism must be granted a platform. Until I am replaced, I will lead.

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