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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Engage, Condemn, or Combat

I've stopped blogging here long enough to ensure that every consistent reader has seen my endorsement for the Republican Presidential Primaries.

After this absence, I've returned with more ideas than ever on how to improve America. The first idea is to publicize stupidity--actually, the stupidest statement I've ever read. In Friday's Washington Times:
A former Costa Rican ambassador is trying to make Congress understand that the United States has an obligation to help improve the lives of millions in Latin America... (James Morrison).
If accurate, this ambassador is stupid. Not the polite 'laugh when he leaves the room' stupid--outright, blatantly, ridiculously stupid. Why? First, how can he expect America to solve Latin America's problems when it can even solve its own? The only offices of American government that work are the IRS (barely) and the military. Second, when did the world become our responsibility? An obligation for millions of Latin Americans? Come on.

Now either Mr. Morrison recognizes this stupidity and wants to expose it, or he has been brainwashed by the "America is the problem; socialism is the solution" crowd.

Here's another stupid bureaucrat (also from the Washington Times):
Newark's [New Jersey] school district said Monday it regretted ordering a picture of a male student kissing his boyfriend blacked out from all copies of a high school yearbook and apologized to the student.
Sexual practices, not to mention deviant ones, should not be given a platform in high school yearbooks! Why in the heck was there an apology?!!?!? Here's my response were I school administrator: Yes, I ordered the blackout and I'm going to continue to order the blackout of every sexual practice from the school yearbook. Children having sex is a bad thing for America.

I was the victim of another stupid-American moment this week when Paris Hilton was exposed ad naseum this week. I just don't care about her.

Here's the point: Quality leadership is needed now more than ever in America. We need intelligent politicians, quality journalists, and smart parents who have the courage to the protect their children. There are so many messages being thrown out, that the mind needs help from the Lord in discerning what to engage, condemn, and what to combat. How can social conservative bloggers work together on this?

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
OK, I'm with you. And if you think of a way to do more, let me know. Unfortunately, I think we need a greater degree of character among the people before another great leader will be found. Maybe people will wake up, but we seem to be going the wrong way at the moment.
And I thought bureaucrats were supposed to be well-informed!
Very nice blog! Thanks for the great perspective. I hope you had a wonderful 4th :). I wanted to let you know that I have started a conservative digg alternative called GOP Hub (gophub.com). I wanted to invite you to come over and check it out, and feel free to join up and participate. Plus you can submit any articles your write here on your blog. Take care and have a great rest of the week :).
Please visit my new Duncan Hunter blog to spur activism, and link to it if you feel so inclined!

In our covert investigation conducted at Victory Christian Center (VCC) in Austin, TX, we collected mounting evidence of how the Republican political strategy is employed from the Bush/Rove White House on down to their base of conservative Evangelical churches.

David Barton, Vice-chairman of the Texas GOP and founder of an organization called Wallbuilders, was invited to be the guest speaker at both of VCC's Sunday morning worship services on August 20, 2006. According to Pastor Lee Boss' introduction of David Barton to the congregation, he's "been used by God to touch more elected officials in this nation over any other organization." Armed with old-time bibles, a swanky PowerPoint presentation, and much jibber-jabber, Barton mobilizes the Evangelical Christians to the polls by replacing the word "voting" with "stewardship". He concludes by telling us that Republican political candidates are the obvious choice in our stewardship if we are concerned with biblical issues.

Karl Rove understands the conservative Evangelical voices are a powerful and very well organized tax exempt, money making machine for the Republican party. As long as these Evangelical church leaders have an insatiable appetite for power and influence, Rove will continue to use them to succeed on his mission of establishing a permanent Republican majority. Watch how all the Republican Presidential candidates are scrambling in a tizzy to court the Evangelical / Religious Right vote. It's funny to see the conservatives salivating at the bit, waiting for the next self-righteous politician with the right outside package that they can rally behind. Ever notice how the GOP have to beat up on a minority group of people in order to rally their base? How Christian or Christ-like is that?

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