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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Oscars: Hollywood's Broken Arm?

If I congratulate myself, it is called pride and selfishness; if Hollywood does it, it is called an Oscar, an Academy Award, or an Emmy.

As Hollywood pats itself on the back for practicing licentiousness , I am hoping they break an arm. Movies like Brokeback Mountain celebrate the moral degradation of America as men throw off the morals that bind negative activity and pursue selfish gratification and pleasure; in other words, by definition, hedonism.

Far from being a high grossing movie, BM only made 129 million compared to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe's (just to pick one from the top of my head) 668 million. Yet, BM got the award. While the average American cares not about the Oscars, this celebration is telling.

Will celebrating movies like BM propel American toward hedonistic licentiousness OR will it backfire and further alienate Hollywood from average folk?

My guess: It won't end up mattering at all. More significant in America's downward moral spiral is the indoctrination students are receiveing in schools about the normalcy of same gender sexual preference. Why is this even in the curriculum? I don't really know but you can learn more about what's happening here.

Linked: Independent Conservative

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
What society's have denounced in the name of "morality" or in the posting to which I reply, "moral degradation", I urge a thinking person need remind themselves of similar degradations that are now accepted and are no longer classified as such.

A love between a man and a woman from differing races or social classes are examples. As in BM, this type of love was forbidden by society and unfortunately led to the pain and suffering of many innocent persons in the story.

I learned in all my religious lessons that God is Love. I doubt that these formerly forbidden loves were a product of "indoctrination" they were a manifestation of God's love and the order of things by and through God.

It is just an award, yes, but I pray it also represents social progress and beacons yet one more of society's restriction of love being restored to God's grace.
Dont even dream of Hollywood contributing anything remotely decent any longer..those days are long long gone..If it isnt decadent..it wont sell..ugh.
God never forbade marriage between people of different races or social classes. That was man's doing. However, the Scriptures are clear about the wickedness of homosexual relationships.
Romans 1:24-32. Yes God is love. But that love is defined by Scriputure. God does have enemies, all of those who refuse to abide by His Word. This is also seen in the passage I refered to earlier.
I've never understood what was wrong with fun. You guys seriously need to relax.
tell me erica... is anything wrong with anything? And, if so, Why?
JR, which award are you referring to? Brokeback Mountain only took two Oscars. One for Director and the other for Adapted Screenplay. Crash was the actual big winner and while I loved The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and believe it should have won more than just the Oscar for Makeup, Crash definitely deserved the recognition that it received.

Also, in all fairness, Hollywood is not the only group that gives awards to their peers for their work. Many "normal" careers do as well ... like Social Work.
Confederateson. The scriptures are just as clear about the bans on eating pork. As a strict constructionist of scripture and a confederate son, I take it that nary a Pork BBQ rib has touched your lips?

May god bless all who think and reflect on a spirit of love and grace for all creatures of this earth.
The ban on pork was lifted in Acts 10:19ff. Nowhere in the Bible is God’s displeasure with homosexuality changed. It is banned in the Levitical law, and condemned in the New Testament. The ban on pork was a temporary external sign of internal, moral purity that Israel was to characterize the people of Israel. The people mentioned in Romans are doing the opposite of what the ban on pork signified. Your response makes me wonder if you see the Scriptures as irrelevant to the discussion?
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