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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fighting Gay Activism in Public Schools

This is part five in the series, "American Education: A Crisis Demanding Leadership."

If you can conceive of a way that sexual orientation can be introduced into the curriculum, so have homosexual activists. They are way ahead of you.

Starting in kindergarten, expect that your child is continuously exposed to homosexual indoctrination through various means:
Curricular Stories with 2 daddy families (for younger kids)
Library books (for older kids) highlighting 'coming-out' teens
Explicit sex education curriculum
Homosexual guest speakers to your child’s classroom
Scripts for your child to act as a homosexual character in a play
Instructional and documentary homosexual videos
School newspapers lined with pro-gay articles
Pink and Rainbow “Safe Zones” to discuss personal sexuality
Forced non-discrimination policies
Tolerance of the gay lifestyle via the rhetoric of "Safe Schools”
Gay-Straight Alliance extra-curricular clubs
Sexually explicit handouts straight from gay activist
“Days of Silence” protesting 'homosexual victimization'
If you think that gay-marriage is the only target of homosexuals, you are dead wrong. The children you know are in the sights of every gay-rights group, at tax-payers expense of course. (More detail on their tactics here).

One Quick Example...
These uninformed North Carolina parents were outraged when the "Exceptional Child Seminar" they sent their son to was used by two homosexuals to promote their gay lifestyle. The seminar leaders admitted their agenda,
"In doing the New Gay Teenager seminar, my ‘agenda’ was to shed light on an interesting way of looking at sexuality and to talk about my personal experience [as a practicing homosexual]. … I believe my agenda succeeded. And I believe that people are better off for it. I could be wrong … but it’s my agenda and I’ll tout it if I want to. We all have our agendas.”
Parents, taxpayers, traditionalists--you are losing the battle for your child's public education.

There are three parts to this post. 1. How to investigate your schools; 2. What to do about what you find; 3. What to expect when you fight back.

1. Look at your child’s curriculum; DON’T BE SATISFIED WITH TEXTBOOKS. To really understand what your child is learning, ask to see the Teacher’s Edition to every text (English, science, civics, history, and reading). The teacher’s edition will be the one where leading questions are provided for students, where suggested activities, and even worksheets will be provided. Look for words or programs like “Tolerance,” “Diversity,” Anti-Bias, Anti-Bullying or “Multi-Culturalism.” Sometimes it’s as part of a study on “differences,” or “different types of families”.

2. Ask, in writing, to be informed when every school assembly is, who is speaking, and the purpose of the assembly. Ask to be notified of changes via email.

3. Ask to see the anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying or “safe schools” policy (for both hiring and student life) to see whether ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’ are included.

4. Ask if teachers, staff, or administrators are required to attend training on “diversity,” “tolerance,” “sensitivity”.

5. Search the library’s catalog for topics on sexuality. Input words like, “sex,” “coming out,” “gay,” two daddies/mommies,” and review the results. Ask the librarian how easy it is to influence or add to the library’s collection. Ask what happens if free books or videos arrive in the mail, “Will they be added?”

6. Learn about the “school partnerships” or relationships with the community. Some districts, believe or not, have formal relationships with homosexual activists. Ask administrators and teachers on every level if these relationships exist (popular activists include GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network; and PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

7. Ask from whom the school receives state, federal, or private grants; and, the purposes of those grants and how they are implemented. Here are some programs to be aware of:
Federal Funds
Federal grants for “safe sex,” “safe schools,” “tolerance,” or “anti-bias” programs may be the funding sources of pro-homosexual lessons in your school district. The agencies most likely to give money to your school for objectionable programs are:
1. Centers for Disease Control, Adolescent Health for health education or HIV education. This often translates into instruction in homosexual sex practices in the classroom.
2. U.S. Department of Education, under the “Safe and Drug Free Schools” program, grants to “prevent hate crimes” are given to schools. This can include education to prevent crimes centering around sexual orientation. These funds have been used for a variety of “tolerance” and “anti-bias” curricula. Some funding under this program may be given as a block grant to a “Safe and Drug Free Schools” department of your state Department of Education, which then makes grants to local schools in your state.
3. U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice office-- This agency often teams up with the USDOE to fund “Safe Schools” programs. One of these is called “Civil Rights Actions Teams.” It’s a “peer mediation” project, where kids monitor their classmates at the middle school level, including watchdogging and then reporting on overheard “homophobic slurs.”
4. National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) and its agency SAMSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration) sometimes make grants to states and local schools. This may or may not pertain to the area of sexual orientation or counseling.

State Funds.
As mentioned above, state agencies are often “pass through” mechanisms for federal “safe sex” and HIV education grants, which almost always include details about homosexuality and imply acceptance of and “safe” management of high risk-behaviors. Your state’s Department of Health may be the agency through which health education grants come like this. Sometimes, they come through the state Department of Education. Occasionally, a county health department may be the source of a program on HIV/AIDS education at a local school.

Private Funds
Some public schools now solicit or accept private grants to fund a variety of projects. This varies too widely to provide any guidance except to watch for this as a source of possible funding for HIV/AIDS education, “violence, anti-bias or anti-bullying” prevention, which may include lessons to accept homosexuality. Even some “character” education programs may include acceptance of homosexuality (cite)
Your administrator may be pro-parents or pro-homosexual activists; don't go in with assumptions. The battle is not necessarily with school administrators; their main goal is to avoid lawsuits. Your battle is against pro-gay activists who are continuously filling administrators with fear and misinformation. Your primary role should be to educate your administrator. Help them to consider the Legal Liability associated with homosexual education and gay-straight alliance clubs. Here is a discussion of the legal liabilities specifically for California schools though it has application to many districts.

Email your teachers and administrators every week with links to significant education/gay-rights court cases or with scientific studies that refute the gay-activsts propaganda.

Anti-discrimination policies are fine until they become a tool for forced propagandizing and proselitizing. Unfortunately, once these acts have been adopted, almost any action can be justified in the public arena. In education, these policies are harmful to students. Concerned Women for America outlines 15 reasons these policies are harmful, here's a few:
"Sexual Orientation" codes are used to discriminate — and propagandize — against students and groups (like the Boy Scouts) that oppose homosexuality.
"Sexual Orientation" codes encourage homosexual teachers to be "gay" activists in the classroom, and to proudly discuss their homosexuality with students.
Schools can protect all students from bullying through blanket protection policies that do not specify special criteria, groups or behaviors. Educators can make their schools safe for every student without promoting the acceptance of homosexuality.
At school board meetings and meetings with school principals, push for a school policy requiring parental permission before students can attend, join, or participate any extracurrciular club or activity. Find here an outline for this policy and here a cover letter requesting its implementation. It is a parent's right and responsibility to know what their child is doing outside of the classroom. UPDATE: A Georgia bill may require Parental Permission for all schools.

Every activity, every class, every speaker, every book, every-everything in the school that promotes homosexuality may be balanced by an opposing perspective. Opposing balance is to restrict freedom of speech. Let's say that your school hosts a pro-gay assembly speaker, then you should communicate to the principle and superintendent that you will be contacting the National Education Association (NEA) Ex-Gay Educators Caucus, the Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays (PFOX), or Exodus International Ministries, for an opposing perspective that you expect to given equal time. Propose a policy, sample here, that explicitly states the need for balance in all sexually-related curriculum. Here's a success story for encouragement.

Or consider the Gay-Straight Alliance clubs; well, ask your student to start to a straight/ex-gay club.

If you find that your child’s school district is pro-gay indoctrination, notify the teachers, nurse, assistant principle, principle, and superintendent, of your request for your child to be excluded from any and all assemblies, texts, programs, seminars, lectures, and events, that relate directly or indirectly to sexuality, gender identity, gender development, sexual orientation, or homosexuality. This should explicitly include references to bullying, tolerance, sex education, or any incidental references to sexual orientation in the curriculum or core subject. Though this example is for California, it provides a good foundation for your notification

Besides being the only completely effective prevention to pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases, abstinence-only policies are effective in limiting the discussion that promotes sexual activity. Because homosexuality is a behavior that cannot exist without sex, then its discussion or promotion is a violation of these policies.

Push for a district or state-wide abstinence-only sex education policy. In Texas, a federal judge said that the recognition of a Gay-Straight Alliance extra-curricular club undermined the districts abstinence-only policy (more here). In Virginia, delegates are considering a bill that explicitly states that clubs that promote sexual activity violate the state's abstinence only policy (more here).

Write your local churches and newspapers to inform them of what local school children are being taught. Here are some great brochures for church leaders.

While your goal should always be to work alongside administrators, should you encounter hostile opposition, resort to public opinion. Remember, everywhere gay-marriage has been put to a vote, it has been soundly defeated. Most people are against the gay agenda; you have the support of your community. Again, your role is to inform them via the newspaper, local blogs, word of mouth, door-to-door canvasing, school board meetings, parent-teacher association meetings (don't expect friendlies here), radio call-in shows, whatever works!

Parents who care about traditional values, will either choose to fight back now or forever lose the battle for public education. Unfortunately, it is an unending battle that begin anew each school year, each grade, each new principal and teacher.

Be armed with facts. I’ve listed several medical resources in the first section of this post that show the dangers of homosexuality and expose some of the mythological messages being taught. Here is another resource.

This battle is not for the faint at heart. Standing up for your child and rights as parent, you will be called names like 'homophobe,' 'liar,' and 'bigot'. While you simply want to protect your child, this is their life's purpose and cause; they are very passionate people and will exert all efforts to discredit you. In these struggles remember the words of Wendell Phillips, "Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is much higher and truer courage." Be brave when viciousness abounds.

PS Get involved with other issues too. Your child and your child's teachers and administrators need you throughout the year for a variety of reasons. This issue is significant--perhaps the most significant--but be supportive of their entire education while your child is enrolled.

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Thoughtful Readers Speak:
This is why I'm going to homeschool my kids!
I have a friend who is both gay and a teacher. She does her job, just like everybody else.
It makes me sick at my stomach. I am so GLAD my kids are grown!
Maybe some of those at this site who are so obsessed by the conspiracy they call the "HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA" might take the time to read the following. It is truly sad that those that consider themselves Christian would continually send the message that it's ok to attack gay children and risk the safety of all children to keep from protecting one of "THOSE" kids. When the day of reckoning comes, some of you will have some explaining to do.

Look at your links on the left side of the page and see who's puppet's you are.

As a Christian in Michigan, I find you embarrassing to all of us who believe in a God of compassion and understanding.

February 16, 2006
Anti-bully opponents are shocking
Link: IR // News // Anti-bully opponents are shocking.

The tragedy of the school shootings at Columbine High School and elsewhere around the nation painfully reminded us that school harassment and bullying can have painful and violent consequences. Across the nation, school districts searched their souls. Schools realized that bullying, harassment and intimidation create a hostile environment for many students. In response, school districts all over the county developed and implemented anti-bullying polices and prevention programs.

Recently the Montana Board of Public Education came to the same conclusion. On Nov. 4, 2005, the board voted to require all Montana school districts to adopt policies that are "designed to prevent bullying, intimidation, and harassment of students and school personnel." We at the Montana Youth Leadership Forum (MYLF), the Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities (MCDD), and the Montana Advocacy Program (MAP) are in full support of the board's decision to require these policies that will help schools address and prevent the bullying, harassment, and intimidation that create a hostile environment for many students with disabilities.

The board's decision came after a series of hearings that were held between May and November, 2005, during which the board heard a great deal of testimony about the seriousness of the problem of bullying in Montana, including testimony from scholars who have closely studied the problem. The board discussed this issue thoughtfully and came up with a solution. End of story, right? Sadly, no.

On Jan. 23, 2006, the last day for public comment on the rules proposed to implement this decision, a handful of opponents appeared for the first time and objected to requiring school boards to have any policies that prohibit bullying, intimidation, or harassment. One of the most prominent reasons for their opposition was that the policies would apply to protect everyone - all students and all faculty. Why did they find this objectionable? Because "everyone" includes gay students or students who are perceived to be gay.

We in the disability community have seen bullies single out vulnerable children. Kids who use wheelchairs, kids with developmental disabilities, and kids who are blind are often chosen as targets for this harassment. The opponents to the enactment of anti-bullying policies are so intent to deny protection from violence to vulnerable kids who are or are perceived to be gay, they are willing to deny this protection to every student. Their position is not just malicious and hateful. It is also shockingly reckless, as it urges the board to leave vulnerable children without protection and deny this important tool to school districts and school personnel to address and prevent this violence.

We are offended and outraged by this opposition and urge everyone concerned about violence in our schools to contact the Board of Public Education and voice your support for anti-bullying policies.
June Hermanson is MYLF program director, Deborah SwingleY is executive director of MCDD, and Bernadette Franks-Ongoy isexecutive director of MAP.
I really appreciate the education you provide on the subject and the awarness that it gives those who may not know. But what troubles me is what do you do when all of you prevention fails? I live in maryland which is a very liberal state. I hear many complain about the moral state of our schools and they are very strong in their fight. However when you lose,and some goofy curriculum gets passed, what do you do? well sadly, most do nothing, and I fear its because families aren't willing to make a sacrifice for their kids. My wife and I homescool our 4 because we don't in any way want ours to have to deal with the liberal brainwashing untill they have been trained how to deal with it in a godly way. But unforunatly,in most cases the big house and nice car ranks higher than protecting our children. Otherwise more christian parents would have said goodbye to the public schools a long time ago. And if you think you can't teach your children at home, your wrong. All you need is love and a willingness to learn with them. And besides, what they dont learn from the teachers, they WILL learn from their classmates.
Yet more reasons to homeschool. There are so many, it's hard to count, you know.
I really hesitated whether or not I wanted to post the above 'anonymous' comment. It's fully of misrepresentations and lies (or at best, mistruths).

But, I decided affirmatively because I wanted to demonstrate the emotion-filled responses that taking a decisive stand for traditional values conjurs.

Oh, right, I forgot. On JR's website it's not necessary to rebut arguments; it's sufficient for a conservative to appear and merely assert that they are wrong.
As a rule, I generally don't respond to comments whose arguments are so transparent and obtuse that they devalue themselves.
A little "educational" poster for JR


What happened to the good old gadsden flag?
The only think an queer helper does is seek to discredit the people that don't like their actions, and call them the monsters in the issue. That is all that they have as far as actual weaponry when it comes to debate. They all play the same song. They are not being victimized. There have been killings and hate crimes on both sides of the spectrum. The gays are anything but the victims here. I will personally lay down my life to stop their initiative from taking anyone in my family. How do you honestly call yourselves Christian and lust for the same gender, even in church ? You are there for healing. If your minister supports that foul and utterly abominable lifestyle that you've chosen, then you can bet your last two sugar-coated quarters that there is no actual teaching of the Bible going on. Don't come on our sites trying to advertise and argue your side. You don't want us on yours.
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