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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Clinton Reinvigorates Class Warfare

Hillary Clinton, taking the reigns from Howard Dean in the DNC, has rolled out the American Dream Initiative to nationalize the election and unite the DNC.

So, here's the plan: Say, "Republicans favor the rich while leaving the middle-class behind." No points for originality. Democrats, if the ADI means anything substantive at all, want to increase the miniumum wage, provide universal health care, and distribute wealth according to their priorities.

Whose wealth? Yours.

"What are their priorities?" I'm glad you asked. They've recently rolled out their 5-point plan for redefining marriage; they want to throw more money at education--that's right more, have no ethical boundaries on experimental science, and give away $500 of your hard earned tax dollars to every child born as an welfare entitlement--a "social security for the young".

In the final analysis, we all know that regaining power is behind any new Democrat marketing campaign; I'm young and already I'm sick of hearing how about class warfare. While "more of the same" may unite the DNC, it'll drive folks like me away; even Democrats can't contest the 5.4 million new jobs since 2003.

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