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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Religious Left Doesn't Stand a Chance

All the liberal blogs are buzzing with activity over this news story: the Religious Left is attempting to organize against the Religious Right.

This does not inspire fear.

The left's number one value is tolerance. Accompanying tolerance, they speak of validating everyone's personal perspective. With this relativism, they lack the ability to provide a cogent argument or statement of beliefs. Their major problem is that relativism does not align itself with reality. Once a truth claim is made, it immediately excludes all opposite claims.

They want to take a stand against the Right, but how can do they do that without violating their number one value?

When all opinions are equally valid, as they claim, Jim can stand up and make a claim opposite to Tom; who is to decide? The Religious Right says, the Bible; with no moral absolutes, the Religious Left flounders in their inability to agree. Relativism is not a sustainable, tenable position.

Two examples, the NY Times speaks of the Spiritual Activism Conference with these words, "the biggest barrier for liberals may be their regard for pluralism: for letting people say what they want, how they want to, and for trying to include everyone's priorities rather than choosing two or three issues that could inspire a movement." Of course they can't agree. At least democrats have the value of gaining power; the SAC can't even determine what values they are building their agenda upon.

Example two, Chuck Colson, founder of Breakpoint and religious leftist (as I remember), says this of the SAC, "Never mind even setting policy goals; some conference members were afraid that singing hymns might be enough to upset some members. Instead of coming away with a clear set of objectives, the conference members mostly came away frustrated." HYMNS, traditional songs of the Christian faith, had the potential to offend--so they just didn't sing anything.

I am sooo not worried about the activism of the religious left because they are not really preaching a political message; they are preaching the message that the religious right is too morally conservative. The right is too Biblically based--and they don't like it. They have simply been personally offended by the exclusive moral claims of the right based and want to whine about it.

More thoughts here.

Thoughtful Readers Speak:
Religious left is nothing more than a code-word for normal left that thinks that it has God's permission to force you to accept socialism. Give me an atheist who loves liberty and capitalism over a religious leftist anyday!
Colson is a religious leftist!?! You really, I mean Really need to know some basics before you make statements like this.

Here is Colson on gay marriage: http://www.breakpoint.org/listingarticle.asp?ID=2722
No reply. Hmmmm.
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